I'm still around! Never give up!


Questions you may have

Where have you been?

I have been busy pursuing other passions and life, mainly my music. If you would like to check it out and support me on that venture, please find the links at the bottom of this page. Even with all that, please know, that I will be back with car media eventually. 

Where else can I see new media?

Great question. 

Please check these websites out:

Chin's Garage :


Sweet Talk Productions :


Special Shout outs

I want to personally thank all the fans and the car community for giving me such awesome media and fun times. 

Special Super Duper shout out to the awesome fans who bought DriftHappens shirts when they were available! I wont forget it!!!!

My Music

I am also a music artist that goes by "Oddwun". I make all my own music and would appreciate any support!

The video to the left is a car track from my first album. Please visit 813Music.com to hear much more!

And if you are an artist in need of beats, visit TheBeatSpot.com for my beats. (Tell me you're a DriftHappens fan and I'll hook you up!)